ApexArena KickStarter Announcement

Hello Everyone,

Since the Beginning I Want 1 thing more than any other, offer to You, Tacticians, What you want for 20 Years. I’m not a Dev neither an Editor, I’m a Conceptor. So I Prepared the ApexArena For you all.

I crazily made all the plans, going in every senses; Throwing Pencils and erasers everywhere, Stealing Paper during the Night to my neighbour, making even more plan. Aggressed people in the Street to get this precious glue, they have in their pocket …. I stopped to wash me neither take care about my hair and beard; Going even deeper each day, in Tactic. Frantically searching the Perfection, YOUR PERFECTION.

And Finally Witnessing …. the APEXARENA. When the Project was Ready and I had a little Budget I started to contact Dev Team and I found NextStead a team of Mighty Guys but Today …. they are Gone. I didn’t have enough Money, and without it they didn’t want to continue (The base was negotiated with Rev-Share, but considering the Project, There was still a big bunch of work before to get this Rev-Share …. To long, they left).

So while we are Orphans of Dev. I told me “NO WAY”, In Your Name ! The APEXARENA HAVE TO BE. So I started to pick pocket people, Break into Their Houses, attack them during the Night to get the Precious bucks they have in their Pockets (Yes Conceptors, when it’s about a project, are ready to everything) but It was the Beginning of huge problems with Policies, So I told me Maybe I should find an other plan. In jail I would not be helpful.

And suddenly like an apparition (Or was it the SEO who suggested it ?) I found KickStarter and Told me: “That’s it”?

Community ? If we want the APEXARENA, The Tacticians’ Temple, to Become Real, Your fund Are Crucial. Only a successful Campaign can Bring it To You, only Your Pledge can do it, without it will never happen, and Tactic will stay 20 more Years in the Shadow …. We must Get it.

Well I know you perfectly understood what I mean, but obviously you are Smart (As every Tactician) and you are certainly asking me “But about what is it ?”. You might even tell me “If You need Our Fund we MUST have first a Presentation”

And you are Right, Which kind of Conceptor would I be If I would even not give you The Whole Description:

Starting in the coming Days

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